Maintenance: Implementing HTTPS

Announcement Sites that are hosted under this domain will have HTTPS implemented for safer usage of the sites hosted on this server. This will take a while as I have to basically rework the complete virtual host configuration. This server it’s configuration needs to be sane and secure. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this webserver overhaul, but it’s for the safety of everyone visiting our websites. Work is expected to be completed in a few hours. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting one of the websites. Regards, Phrozenbit

Thermal Expansion: Early game free energy

Don’t want to deal with burnables? Then use the mod Solar Flux and build a small solar panel array. Twelve panels would get you a small amount of Redstone Flux to power your electric furnace and pulverizer. Of course this only works at day time, so when you’re mining in the depths of your Minecraft world you’ll be collecting power for later grinding up and smelting your precious ores. You’ll need some glass, some basic metals and redstone dust to set this up. Don’t forget to check out the screenshots of the settings of the leadstone energy cell you don’t want to forget. Stats 400,000 RF of storage in the leadstone energy cell 600,000 RF of storage in all of the panels (50,000 RF X 12 panels) 1,000,000 RF of total RF Storage 200 RF/tick from the leadstone energy cell 24 RF/tick from the solar panels combined (2 RF/t X 12 panels) Screenshots Settings

Thermal Expansion: Early game power system

An early game power system If you have been mining a fair bit and got some Redstone you can basically start building on your first power system. This power system uses the mod Thermal Expansion and is fairly easy and cheap to make. It’s a very basic setup but should get you started keeping your electric furnace and pulverizer powered. This system uses a burnable item, such as coal, charcoal or any type of wood combined with water to produce steam with the steam dynamo. Be sure to check the stats and the screenshots for settings you don’t want to forget. Stats 400,000 RF storage 200 RF/tick from the Leadstone energy cell 80 RF/tick continuously from the steam dynamo Screenshots Settings  

Minimum system requirements for the PhrozenCookie modpack

Requirements This modpack has been built using a computer that’s about 8 years old. We did this to make sure that people with lower end systems can enjoy playing our Minecraft modpack. There are of course always minimum system requirements, if your computer systems meets these minimum requirements this modpack will generally perform quite well. Be aware that the game may have a long loading period if you are trying to play this modpack on a system with an older harddrive, even if your system meets the following minimum requirements. You should at least meet the following requirements: Intel Core2Duo @2.5GHz 64bit capable CPU 4 GB of DDR2 system memory Nvidia 8600 GT with 512MB video memory Windows 7, 8 or 10 Sun Java 8 64bit Also be aware that this pack will only perform smoothly when you have a 64bit system, this is because of the way memory is allocated and addressed by this modpack. You can usually find that out by looking at your total system memory, if you have 4 GB’s of system memory then you are highly likely to have a 64bit capable system. Performance and settings If your system exactly meets these minimum requirements you should close everything else on your PC before starting the launcher and this modpack. Your system will run out of memory fast if you try to play this game while you have a browser opened up, resulting in poor game performance. If you start to experience low frame rates or other types of lag be sure… Read moreMinimum system requirements for the PhrozenCookie modpack