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A Minecraft modpack

PhrozenCookie is the name of our Minecraft modpack, it carries modifications to the original Minecraft game that are easily installed through the convenience of packing several modifications together and installing the modpack using the Technic Launcher. Installing a modpack saves you from having to install Minecraft mods yourself when you are looking to extend your Minecraft experience.

Why this modpack

We have included a few of the most popular mods and a few of our personal favorites. This modpack adds something for every type of player, included are quite a few technology based mods for those who are into automating certain tasks, Magic based mods for those who care more for role-play based gameplay but not so much about technology based mods and some building oriented mods as well for those who love to make projects look good. There are a lot of things to do in your Minecraft world whatever your gameplay preference is. We have also built this modpack with older computer hardware in mind, this modpack should perform relatively good on 8 year old computer systems. There are however minimum system requirements that you should make sure of before attempting to play this modpack, click this link for more information. So why should you play this modpack? Performance and diversity would be our answer.

How to play

First you need a Mojang account and an activated Minecraft account if you do not already have it. If your computer system already meets the minimum system requirements and you are convinced about playing our modpack then starting is really easy. Just go ahead and download the Technic Launcher here. Make sure you download the launcher for your operating system. Install the launcher and run it by double clicking the blue Tekkit logo on your desktop. When the program comes up, click on the ‘modpacks’ tab on the top blue bar. Next, use the ‘search’ bar that’s on the upper left of the program to search for (without qoutes)  “PhrozenCookiePack”, a list with just one modpack appears. Click our modpack in the list and click the “install” button on the lower right of the program. When the launcher is done downloading and installing our pack you can start playing our modpack.

This website

We are going to build things using our modpack and then post them on here to serve as inspiration to those who are looking to be inspired. This website will be a collection of our builds and the collection will gradually grow over time. Most of the builds that will be shared here will be tech oriented, starting off with the Thermal Expansion mod. Eventually, setups like factories and sorters will be available on this site. You’ve got all the freedom to copy any build you see on this site, would be nice if you’d mention your source though :-). Thanks for visiting phrozencookie.net.